Why Choose DuraCoat® Firearm Finish?

 - Outstanding abrasion, impact, chemical, and corrosion resistance

 - Huge selection of colors, sheens, clear finishes, unique one-of-a-kind looks, camo

             patterns, and old world technology recreations

 - Large variety of sizes (1/2 oz to 128 oz) to accommodate everyone from individuals 

             to manufacturers

 - Versatility

          - most DuraCoat® products can be applied to synthetics, ferrous metals, 
            stainless steel, alloys, wood, etc.

 - Can be applied to all types of guns including, but not limited to: handguns (pistols,

            revolvers, etc.), rifles (semi-automatic, bolt action, lever, etc.), and shotguns
           (semi-automatic, pump, break, etc.)